Mcrae Lumber Company, Whitney Ontario

Mink Lake: 1952-1957

View of the mill at Mink Lake

Between Hay Lake and Mink Lake there is a height of land. The hills between these lakes presented an obstacle, that even with trucks, made the haul to Hay Lake far too difficult. So in 1952 the mill was moved to Mink Lake. In the forests surrounding Mink Lake the Company continued to apply the  new methods of sustainable yield cutting as promoted by their forester Felix Tomaszewski.

This interior picture shows the Band saw and carriage
at the Mink Lake Mill. Note the two men 'riding' the
carriage. These men flipped the log and set the
'dogs' to hold the log.

One of the biggest changes at Mink Lake was the transition to all-weather gravel roads. This meant that winter was no longer the only season where timber hauling could occur. This led to another change as gravel roads made commuting in and out of the bush camps for the weekend a possibility and so ended the tradition of men walking into the bush in the fall and not returning until the spring.